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General Information


  • Approx. 62,000 books and periodicals, mainly in English
  • Over 45 current periodicals
  • Approx. 800 DVDs and videotapes

All our holdings are included in the online catalog of the University Library.
Location mark of the Amerika-Institut: 1501


  • 2 reading rooms
  • 38 seats
  • Free WLAN (acces via CampusLMU login)
  • 3 internet terminals (access only via CampusLMU login)
  • 1 terminal with free access to the online catalog
  • 1 b/w copying machine (coins and copy cards)

Who May Use The Library?

The library provides academics and students of the LMU with literature to help with their research and their studies. In addition everybody with a scientific interest is welcome to read in the library. Please leave your library card or your ID with the library supervisor.

Persons who may borrow books

  • Students of the Faculty 13 of the LMU (including Erasmus students)
  • Bachelor and Master students who study SLK as their minor
  • Academics of all faculties of the LMU

Students need a valid blue library card. Academics need their service card.

Persons who can't borrow books

  • Students of the LMU of all other faculties
  • Students of other universities
  • All other individualsnach oben

Library Card

Persons who may borrow books need a valid blue library card to do so. This card has to be renewed every semester.

Those who write their master's thesis or their dissertation get more generous lending conditions. They have to produce their application for their thesis in order to get a so called "Masterstempel" on their library card.

Where do you get your library card?

  • "Masterstempel": Room S104 (Library administration)
  • New cards, Renewal of cards: Room S101 (Library)

What do you need to get your library card?

  • Valid student's card
  • Identity card or passport
  • For the "Masterstempel": application for thesisnach oben

Lending Conditions

Students during term

  • 5 media for 1 week
  • 1 renewal for 1 week (in person or by phone) if the books have not been reserved by anybody else

Students during term break

  • 5 media for 2 weeks
  • 1 renewal for 2 weeks (in person or by phone) if the books have not been reserved by anybody else

Books belonging to the text collection (shelf number TC) may be borrowed for 4 weeks.

Academics of the LMU and students writing their master's thesis or dissertation

  • 10 media for 4 weeks
  • 1 renewal for 4 weeks (in person or by phone) if the books have not been reserved by anybody else

DVDs and videotapes cannot be renewed.

Infringing on the lending period

If you infringe on the lending period, you will get a reminder. You cannot take out any other books until you have returned all overdue books.

If you don't return the books we will claim compensation.

If you infringe on the lending period 3 times during the whole length of your study you will not be allowed to take out books for 6 weeks after the third time.

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