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Recognizing Course Credits

General information

If you have completed your studies at another university or in a different program at LMU, you can apply to have these credits accredited for your studies in the BA “Nordamerikastudien / North American Studies” or the MA “American History, Culture and Society.” In order to recognize previously earned credits, the program advisors have to establish their equivalency to the requirements of the American Studies programs as defined in their rules and regulations (“Studien- und Prüfungsordnung”).

If you received credit before enrollment at LMU, you need to apply to have it recognized in your first semester after enrollment. If you received credit after enrollment, you need to apply to have it recognized in the following semester (i.e. immediately after you received credit). According to the Exam Board “Prüfungsamt für Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften (PAGS),” no late applications for recognition of credit will be accepted.

You can find the application form “Antrag auf Anerkennung studienbegleitender Prüfungsleistungen” (only availabe in German) on the pages of PAGS for the BA or the MA.

On this form, you need to enter the exam number of the module for which you are applying to have credit recognized. You can find the number in the rules and regulations (“Prüfungsordnung”) of your program of study (only available in German). Be sure to use the version relevant to your studies, depending on your year of entry into the program. If you began your studies in the winter semester of 2019, new regulations apply. You can find the different versions here: BA 2010, BA 2019 (will be added later), MA 2012, MA 2019 (will be added later).

Look up the module for which you wish to have credit recognized. The number is indicated in the final section called “Anlage 2.” Indicate the number given in column 4. To give an example: In the Bachelor’s program from 2010, the exam of the internship has the number “P 7.1.2” in the rules and regulations (“Prüfungsordnung”). Here is a sample.

Erasmus+ and International Studies / LMU Exchange

To prepare the “Learning Agreement” before you go abroad and to have credit recognized after your return, please contact Dr. Nadine Klopfer.

When you return to LMU, all courses completed abroad have to be listed in LSF. PAGS explains this procedure on its webpage. Moreover, you need to fill out the “Antrag auf Anerkennung studienbegleitender Prüfungsleistungen” and submit it along with your transcript to Dr. Klopfer.

Transferring from another university or program of study

If you are transferring to LMU from another university or you intend to transfer to our Bachelor’s or Master’s programs from another study program, we recommend meeting with us in person.

Bring a transcript of your current study program with information on the types of courses you have completed. You will also need to bring the “Antrag auf Anerkennung studienbegleitender Prüfungsleistungen” as well as the “Anrechnungsantrag Studienzeiten” which can be found on the webpages of PAGS.

On both forms, you have to enter your personal information. Please note that you need to indicate the new study program under “Fach” or “Studiengang,” i.e. the BA “Nordamerikastudien” or the MA “American History, Culture and Society.”

If you are already enrolled at LMU you will find more information on transferring study programs at this website. International students need to contact the International Office.

Contact our student advisor Dr. Anna Flügge or make an appointment with Prof. Dr. Christof Decker.

Other types of credit

For some modules in our study programs, credit must be recognized as the standard procedure (e.g. for the internship in our BA program from 2010). All documents must be uploaded through an online portal which you can find here (with LMU login) or here (without LMU login).

Among the documents to be uploaded are an overview of the credit you apply to have recognized, your LMU transcript, the application form “Antrag auf Anerkennung studienbegleitender Prüfungsleistungen,” completed and signed, and proof of all exams mentioned on the form.