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Writing Center

The Schreibzentrum/Writing Center offers students the opportunity to work with a tutor on their particular projects (term papers, essays, presentations, applications, etc.) in a one-on-one session. Tutors work with students on texts at any stage of the writing process, from devising a thesis and writing a draft to formulating citations and formatting. Although tutors do not proofread essays, they will review passages with students to address common errors. Through the TutorPlus program at LMU, tutors have been trained to help students learn to write essays more effectively.

The Schreibzentrum offers tutoring in German and English, along with regular office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays 14-15, Raum B 037, Theresienstraße 39. Please see their website for more information on tutoring, workshops, and events:

Office hours and tutoring hours

If you would like to arrange an appointment, just send us an email. We offer flexible tutoring hours Monday through Friday so your individual session fits into your schedule.

The Writing Center tutors are available by appointment.

In case of cancellation, please notify the tutor by email at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. We appreciate this courtesy. If you miss an appointment without prior notice, the tutor reserves the right to ask you to meet with a tutor during the Schreibzentrum office hours instead of arranging another appointment

How to make an appointment

Students are invited to make an appointment with the Writing Center by e-mail When first writing to us, please give us some information on the type of project you would like to discuss, your specific concerns about the project, the deadline, and also suggest three possible options for dates/times when you could meet with a tutor.

Preparing for your appointment

Whenever possible, please bring your assignment and some preliminary writing, such as a thesis statement, abstract, outline, a partial or complete draft with you to the appointment. For final essays or theses, tutors may address specific questions about a section of the project during an appointment or provide some feedback on an outline in the preliminary stage of writing. More detailed questions regarding content or concerns about deadlines should be addressed in a meeting with the advisor or instructor.

Please do not send your essay by email when you are making an appointment. The peer tutor will let you know if this would be appropriate. The student and tutor will decide on the schedule for meeting. Regarding copy-editing requests, tutors may provide feedback on grammatical or stylistic issues for a few passages of written text to help students detect patterns in their writing, but they do not proofread or copy-edit entire essays. Instead, the tutors will assist students with the writing process and support the development of their academic writing skills.

We look forward to meeting with you!

Note: This service is offered in addition to the already existing tutorials and will not replace them. Counseling is of course entirely free of charge, thanks to the generous support of Lehre@LMU. We would also like to thank the TutorPlus program for providing support for training and development. 

The Writing Center has compiled a list of useful links to resources for academic research; you can download the PDF in German and in English.

Comments on evaluations of tutoring sessions, written by students in the North American Studies program:

“The location is easy to access, I also like the flexible scheduling system, and I’m very happy with the tutoring. Thank you!”

“Everything related to the Writing Center is fine. Isabella, the tutor, is so kind, patient, and helps me a lot.”

“Perfect location, service is good, could meet up early and get a lot of inspiration; really nice.”

“Good location, perfect scheduling system, perfect tutoring services.”

“Location very convenient; scheduling easy and fast, tutoring competent.”

“It’s really helpful for structuring ideas. Feels like writing will be easier now.”

“Scheduling was perfect and answer to appointment email was very quick. Thanks to Mark for good and helpful answers on all questions!”

“Easy and immediate email response. Great and helpful support. Thanks!”

“Helpful explanations, always a pleasure!”

“Nice room, good working atmosphere.”

“The tutor is very patient and kind.”

“Scheduling was done right away and able to meet my schedule nicely.”

“Isabella ist eine tolle Botschafterin für das Studienfach!”

“Sehr schöner hilfreicher Service.”

“Sehr kompetente Tutorin.”

[To Mark]: “Yesterday I handed in my thesis and I really wanted to thank you for all the effort you made for me and my fellow students. At lunch we talked about it and we all appreciated your help, so it was great working with you!”

“I received the grade of my thesis today and I got a 1.0. :)
Just wanted to say thank you again for your help and support!”