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Lasky Archive


The documents and materials located at the Lasky Center, the papers of Melvin J. Lasky, complement the collections of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), Der Monat at the University of Chicago Library and the Encounter Archive at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University.

The intellectual discourses of over seven decades is reflected in the precious source material, especially in the 3500 letters, amongst other correspondence with Hannah Arendt, Daniel Bell, Isaiah Berlin, Friedrich von Hayek, Sidney Hook, George Kennan, Irving Kristol, Golo Mann, Vladimir Nabokov and Lionel Trilling.

As remarkable are Lasky’s calendars, his New York and Berlin diaries, as well as the notebooks from his travels to Africa and India. Also there is a substantial collection of photographs and reports that Lasky had produced during and after the war in Germany while working for the US Army.

The online searchable Lasky Library comprises about 10.000 volumes. Lasky’s handwritten marginal notes as well as the numerous clippings, reviews and notes that he kept in his books are also listed in the Lasky Library database.

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photo source: "Fritz Eschen, Deutsche Fotothek, Dresden"