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Please contact your potential thesis advisors as soon as you can. Application period for BA thesis: September, 24.-28, 2018; Application period for MA thesis: September, 10.-14, 2018

***UPDATED*** The course catalogue for winter term 2018/19 is available for download now.

Uwe Lübken is currently on a 2-week-tour to four universities on the North American West Coast. As the first Gerda Henkel Lecturer, he will give talks at UBC, Vancouver, Canada, at the University of Oregon, at UC Berkeley, and at the University of Colorado Boulder. These lectures are part of the new Gerda Henkel Lecture Series, organized by GHI West, the Pacific Regional Office of the German Historical Institute, in cooperation with the Gerda Henkel Stiftung. The program brings German historians to the West Coast to present their research and engage in dialogue with their colleagues in the North American West. (photographic image by cortesy of Marietta College Library, Special Collections)