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Research at the Amerika-Institut is diverse. Our faculty engages a variety of themes in their research projects, writing, and teaching. This directory should serve as a guide to our faculty and the broader research interests that each of us has experience and expertise in. The categories and listed themes are not exclusive; rather, they are intersectional and overarching. This directory is meant as a thematic guide for visitors looking to connect themes and topics in American Studies with specific members of our faculty who are currently engaged in such research.

Media and Cultures of Communication
• Visual Studies
• Literary Practices
• Aesthetics

Systems, Thought, and Ideologies
• Law and Politics
• Religion
• Environmental Humanities

Social Formations and Identities
• Studies in Race, Class, and Gender
• Migration and Mobilities
• Urban Studies and U.S. Regionalism

Social Practices and Narratives
• Memory Culture
• Pop Culture
• History and Sociology of Knowledge

The Transnational Transatlantic
• Cultural Exchange
• Conflict and Diplomacy
• Discursive Spaces

America: A Continental View
• Indigenous Studies
• Latin America
• Canada