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Munich Summer Program

Munich Summer Program “Germany, the United States, and the Atlantic World” at the University of Munich (LMU) – summer term 2024

ai_amerika_und_münchenThe University of Munich (LMU) has been consistently ranked as one of Germany’s top research universities in international rankings. Its Amerika-Institut (American Studies Institute) is considered one of the best of its kind in Germany, and it by far has the largest faculty in US history who offer a wide selection of classes in cultural, political, diplomatic, environmental, public, and social history, on African and Native American history, on film, music, and architecture, and many other subjects.



America in Munich walking tour 2023

Beginning in the summer term of 2023, the Amerika-Institut will regularly offer a selection of seminars for both exchange students from the US who would like to spend the summer in Munich and Europe as well as for regular students from LMU Munich. Classes will have a major focus on the US, but will also provide a comparative perspective especially with regard to Germany, will include visits to institutions and/or bring in experts from Munich and outside.
Students will also receive an introduction into the history of Munich and Bavaria, will take part in cultural activities, and have the opportunity for recreation.

Target group: US students (MA and advanced BA levels)

Period: 8 weeks of classroom instruction from around May 13 till July 19 (in-person), some of it also in special sessions in the evenings or on weekends (see the syllabi from the summer term 2023)

Language of instruction: English

Costs: (semester fee) ca. 90 Euros

Health insurance: 120 Euros/month

Housing: the university cannot guarantee dorm rooms at this point, but we will provide
support to find temporary housing; costs ca. 5-600 Euros/month for a furnished room

Food: Students can get subsidized lunch at the “Mensa” (price ca. 5 Euros)

Visa: only if stay is longer than 90 days

Seminar A: Transatlantic/ German-American Relations since World War II

Seminar B: History and Memory in the United States and in Germany

Seminar C: Culture, History, and the Environment

Credits: certification of between 3 and 9 ECTS per seminar (depending on oral and written assignments)


Readings will be provided on the eLearning platform Moodle to which all registered students at LMU. See the respective syllabus for more info.

The Amerika-Institut will support students to find an internship during the semester break.

For more info check out the attachments below and contact Dr. Andreas Etges (