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Visual Culture and Media Studies Network

About us

The Visual Culture and Media Studies Network is a virtual platform intended to create closer ties and connections among scholars from different disciplines working on visual and media studies with a special emphasis on North American topics. It fosters scholarly exchange on research related to film, television, photography, painting, design, graphic arts, and new digital media.

Please send information on upcoming events such as conferences, new publications, research projects or other related activities to

The Visual Culture and Media Studies Network is endorsed as an official research network by the European Association of American Studies. It is organized by Astrid Böger (University of Hamburg) and Christof Decker (University of Munich, LMU).

Recent events:

Check out three recent issues of the European Journal of American Studies (with online access):

Envisioning Justice: Mediating the Question of Rights in American Visual Culture

with contributions from Astrid Böger, Nicole Maruo-Schröder, Klara Stephanie Szleźak, Johannes C. P. Schmid, Andreas Beer, Tobias Steiner, Ralph J. Poole, and Stefan Schubert LINK

Animals on American Television

with contributions from Michael Fuchs, Brett Mills, Laurel Schmuck, Manuela Neuwirth, and Stefan L. Brandt LINK

Sound and Vision: Intermediality and American Music

with contributions from Frank Mehring, Eric Redling, Johannes Voelz, Lukas Etter, Marc Priewe, Johanna Hartmann, and Wolfgang Lorenz LINK


The conference "American Media – European Cultures" was hosted by the University of Munich (LMU) from October 10-12, 2013.