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Winter term 2022/23 (AI course catalogue) (PDF, 258 kB)

Winter term 2022/23 (latest version on LSF)

Guest lectures at the AI (winter term 2022/23):

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Oct. 14: student exhibition on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Oct. 17: vernissage panel discussion on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Oct. 27: staged reading on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Oct, 28, 12.15 Prof. Mary Anne Trasciatti "Why We Remember the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire" (Hofstra University, New York), online lecture.

Nov, 03, 4pm: filmmaker Michael Kalb talks about his eyewitness project: „Die letzten Zeitzeugen“

Nov, 9–11: "Civil Sentimentalism in the Americas". International Workshop with Heike Paul (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg & Bavarian American Academy) and Ursula Prutsch (LMU München)

November, 15, 10:15 am, "Places of Assimilation: Canada’s Residential Schools." Guest lecture with Ken Letander, former Statement Collections Officer with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, RCC 4th floor.

December, 8, 2-4pm, Prof. Dr. Fabio Parasecoli "Gastroactivism: Food, Identity, Politics", in Schellingstr.3, HS S007

January 11, 2-4 pm, HS S 007 Guest lecture by Katharina Fackler (Bonn), Titel tba

January 17, 11am, "Compensation over Reconciliation: Land Claim Processes and Canada’s Search for 'Certainty.'" Guest lecture with Allister Morrison, Senior Policy Advisor at Indigenous Services Canada

January 18, 2-4 pm, HS S 007 Guest Lecture by Giorgia Tommasi (LMU), title

February 1, 2-4 pm, HS S 007 Guest Lecture by Katharina Motyl (Mannheim),

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