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Important Examination Changes

PLEASE CHECK: Since all libraries are closed now, there are new regulations regarding BA, MA and all other examinations and deadlines.


The Faculty's 13 Examination Board has made a number of decisions that apply to all of the Faculty's degree programs:

I) Master's theses in SoSe 2020 that are already registered will be extended by the duration of the library closings.

The respective submission date is redefined, the examination office informs about the new submission date. Students who do not want to write now despite these extensions can immediately withdraw from the exam at the PAGS.

II) Master theses in SoSe 2020, which are not yet registered, and all bachelor theses in SoSe 2020 will be registered from April 20 to April 24.

If there are admission requirements for bachelor's or master's theses that cannot be met because an extension according to point III) is used, these requirements will be suspended. The Bachelor and Master theses can then be registered without fulfilling the admission requirements (this case must be noted on the registration form when registering the Bachelor / Master thesis).

III) Essays from the winter semester 2019/20.

For essays that are still being written, the grading deadline will be postponed for the duration of the library closings. The examiners can set later submission dates for the essays.

Students should clarify these new submission dates with the respective examiners!


The decisions are based on the assumption that regular teaching and exams can start in the summer semester on April 20, 2020. Should the closings be extended over April, 19, all considerations will be adjusted to the new conditions. These adjustments may be made after the Easter holidays.