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judithJudith Hetges

Freelance movie director, author and editorial journalist

Primarily, I studied contemporary history looking for a minor. The courses at the Amerika-Institut turned out to be so interesting that I quickly made it my major. A decision I have never regretted! I am working freelance as a director, author and editorial journalist specializing in movie dubbing. In order to translate movies appropriately into German it is necessary to understand the dialogues correctly and fit them in a cultural, historical as well as a political context. For this task, my studies at the Amerika-Institut which offered a broad spectrum and profound insight into the American culture were a great preparation.

rudolfDr. Dr. Rudolf T. Inderst

International Community Strategist at Koch Media

My plan to study American Cultural History originally was formed back in school since my interest in "everything related to the USA" had already grown very strong. Well, what can I say: I was not disappointed! The current political climate in the United States is ensuring that - as an alumni - you are a very sought-after conversation partner (not only at shared apartment parties and airport lounges!). All joking aside, if you work in an international environment and are in steady contact with transatlantic business partners and colleagues, this university subject will deepen your understanding and build up a precious pool of empathy like no other.