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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I learn German?

The LMU offers German language courses either before or parallel to your studies. These can be taken online or require your attendance in the classroom.

For more information please check this student guide on the LMU website.

Furthermore, there are two institutions offering basic and advanced courses in German: the Goethe Institut and the Münchner Volkshochschule.

2. What is an Independent Study Project?

The study project aims to develop and strengthen the students’ ability to design and realize an independent project. It gives students the opportunity to work on self-chosen topics and interests related to North American studies.

For students who did not complete a first degree in North American studies, it provides a chance to study, with individual supervision, specific questions in depth; e.g. historical periods and events, literary authors and genres, or other questions of politics and culture.

Students should contact potential supervisors, providing them with a short sketch of the project. The study project is usually completed with a study project report.

3. How can I get help while writing academic papers?

The Writing Center offers students in American Studies the opportunity to work with a tutor on their particular projects (term papers, essays, presentations, applications, etc.) in a one-on-one session.

Tutors work with students on texts at any stage of the writing process, from devising a thesis and writing a draft to formulating citations and formatting. Although tutors do not proofread essays, they will review passages with students to address common errors.

Through the TutorPlus program at LMU, tutors have been trained to help students learn to write essays more effectively.

4. How do I sign up for classes?

For all courses, you should register via LSF (LMU′s electronic portal). You obtain access to the portal with your student email and password.

For more information about the enrollment period, please visit the examinations office website.

Here you can find the current course catalog on our website.

5. How do I sign up for exams?

For all exams, you should sign up via LSF (LMU′s electronic portal).

Click the button called „Prüfungsan- und -abmeldung“ on the bottom left, accept the terms and conditions, and further register for your exams. For more information about the exam registration period, please visit the examinations office website.

A note about elective modules: If you register for an exam in an elective module, this module has to be completed successfully throughout the course of your studies. If you receive a fail grade, you will have to take another course or course combination (depending on the type of module) from the same elective module.

6. How do I sign up for the Master′s thesis?

The final semester is dedicated to writing the Master′s thesis. Students should get in contact with potential supervisors by sending a short sketch in advance by e-mail and then visit the person′s office hours.

For more information about the registration periods in March or September and your working time (including the deadline for submitting your thesis), please visit the webpage “Termine” at LMU′s examinations office website. You have ca. 20 weeks to complete writing your thesis, which should have a length of appr. 45 to 60 pages (based on the institute′s formating guidelines).

Please note that, in order to register, you need to download a form called “Anmeldung zur Masterarbeit from the examinations office website. You have to fill it out, sign it and give it to your supervisor, who adds the title of your thesis and passes the form on to the examinations office.

Don′t forget that there is a deadline for the one-week registration period. We recommend to contact potential supervisors as early as possible.

Furthermore, on LSF (LMU′s electronic portal) you have to sign up for the course “Writing a Thesis.”

7. Where do I hand in my Master’s thesis?

To hand in your Master’s thesis, it has to be printed and bound.

You have to submit two copies.

They have to be handed in in person at the examinations office (PAGS), which is located in the main building of the university at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz.

Identify the PAGS representative of the Master’s program (“Sachbearbeitung im Prüfungsamt”) and submit the two copies of your thesis in their office.

Check the opening hours of PAGS and be absolutely sure to meet the deadline!