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The Master’s program “American History, Culture and Society” was launched in 2012, bringing together the expertise and research traditions of scholars specializing in history, literature, visual culture, and cultural studies. For more information on recent publications by faculty members see this link; more information on recent conferences can be found here. With lectures, foundation courses, advanced seminars, and independent study projects, the program offers the chance to combine the focus on specific areas of research with knowledge on a broad range of topics.

The program has an international outlook with students coming from various countries – e.g. Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Poland, China – and with varying academic backgrounds ranging from degrees in history and political science to literature and North American studies. Our MA students are encouraged to explore the many exchange options LMU is offering through its International Office.

In many professional fields, the Master’s degree represents a highly valued proof of academic knowledge and skills. Graduates of this program have found work in publishing, media, education, public and political institutions, and other related areas. Furthermore, the Graduate School of Language and Literature offers various high-profile doctoral programs for students wishing to pursue an academic career.

To give you an idea of the different projects our MA students have been working on, here is a selection of MA theses they have written:

  • The Role of Race in the History of Felon Disenfranchisement in Virginia
  • Empathy and Intimacy in Videogames
  • The Representation of the Female Soldier in Hollywood Film
  • Morality in The Last of Us
  • Body and Image in American Women's Magazines
  • Communication Technologies and the Future of Work as Represented in Dave Eggers’s The Circle
  • The Representation of History in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained
  • From Suffragists to Suffragettes: Transatlantic Dimensions of the American Suffrage Movement
  • A History of the Biodegradable Plastic Bag
  • Female Action Heroes in Recent Movies

Here's what some of our MA students say about their program:

"I appreciate the openness and eagerness of the professors at the American Institute for their dedication to further your scholarly pursuits and including their expertise on topics ranging from Colonial American history and viewing history through literature to a plethora of media and cultural subjects that deal with contemporary America. Likewise, the Master program exposes a broad spectrum of ideas and jobs that could be sought out after the completion of the degree. As far as the city, Munich is a beautiful place to study with gorgeous, old architecture mixed with a more present-day atmosphere. It also combines a pleasant campus feeling with several streets that run parallel with the LMU for a more student-friendly budget."

"The masters program offers a vast selection of classes in diverse and interesting topics. The small class sizes make it easier to take part in engaging conversations without getting lost or having to fight for a voice in the crowd. This also gives students easier and more personal access to professors whose doors are always open. The faculty is extremely helpful in answering any and all questions. Personally, as a student from a foreign country, I find the faculty has always shown interest in helping me adjust to studying at LMU and guiding me through the academic system as well as building a comfortable life in Munich.
Munich is a beautiful city with a rich and diverse history which draws people from all over the world. This multicultural vibe is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the city because it opens your eyes to different cultures and allows you to create a global network of friendships. Also, with several museums, libraries, parks, cafes, bars, and the Isar flowing right through the city, it’s nearly impossible to get bored. There is always something to do or someone to meet here in Munich."