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Students wishing to attend courses from the master’s program “American History, Culture and Society” as part of the “Geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Profilbereich” may choose between three types of modules: “American Studies” or “Literature and Media” and “History and Society”. You can download an overview of modules offered in the winter or summer terms here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the fact that the new rules and regulations of the “Profilbereich” from winter 2019 have not yet been officially passed, the modules and classes offered in the master’s program still conform with the regulations from 2012. This means that students wishing to take classes in the master’s program can only choose the options available in the 2012 design. You can download an overview of the modules here. The 2012 design allows you to choose modules to earn 9 or 6 credit points.

Only courses that have been selected for the Pool/Profilbereich may be attended. Furthermore, specific regulations may apply in the main program of study regarding the maximum amount of credit points and courses that would be accepted from the Pool/Profilbereich.

Modules with advanced seminars represent 12 credit points, whereas modules with foundation courses represent 6 credit points. Students wishing to study in the master’s program need excellent English language skills (i.e. at the C1 level of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”).

Please note: If you register for an exam in a specific module, this module has to be completed successfully, i.e. if you receive a fail grade, you will have to take another course from the same module.

All further information on the courses is available online. Students need to sign up for individual courses and for exams via LSF. For more information on the Pool/Profilbereich, see the section “Kurse für Pool/Profilbereich” in LSF.