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Doctoral Supervisors

Surname, First name Title Position
Benesch, Klaus Prof. Dr.  Professor of English and American Studies
Decker, Christof Prof. Dr.  Professor of American Studies
Etges, Andreas Dr.  Lecturer in American Cultural History, Academic Associate
Hochgeschwender, Michael Prof. Dr.  Professor of North American Cultural History, Empirical Cultural Research and Cultural Anthropology
Lerg, Charlotte PD Dr.  Assistant Professor, Erasmus Coordinator, Lecturer in American Cultural History
Mauch, Christof Prof. Dr.  Professor and Chair for American Cultural History and Transatlantic Studies (on leave)
Monot, Pierre-Héli Prof. Dr.  Professor of Transnational American Studies: Political Theory, Aesthetics and Public Humanities
Prutsch, Ursula Prof. Dr.  Professor of American Cultural Studies