American History, Culture and Society

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(All information given is preliminary and may be subject to change. / Die Einrichtung des Studiengangs steht noch unter dem Vorbehalt der erforderlichen Beschlüsse der Hochschulgremien sowie der Erteilung des Einvernehmens durch das Bayerische Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst.)

• American History, Culture and Society is a two-year, 120 credit point degree program.

• Students enroll in the winter semester.

• The program is taught in English yet a basic knowledge of German is helpful for dealing with administrative and other matters, and an excellent knowledge is necessary for optional courses taken in subjects taught in German (see the section on importing modules).

• Each semester students choose between two basic modules: “History and Politics” or “Culture, Media and Society”. They may focus exclusively on one area, or they may combine the two. In order to gain 30 credit points, students have to choose two out of four modules that are offered each semester.

• The module “History and Politics” addresses the history of the USA and of Canada, transatlantic history, political culture and history, economic history, environmental history, and questions of historiography.

• The module “Culture, Media and Society” is dedicated to literary history and theory, visual and media studies, cultural history and theory, popular culture, ethnic and gender studies, technology and space studies.

• In the second and third semester students may ‘import’ 15 credit points from a pool of subjects (e.g. English, German, History, Gender Studies, Comparative Literature, Theatre Studies, and others). For most of these subjects excellent German language skills are needed and special requirements may apply. More information on these subjects and on the “Geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Profilbereich” can be found here.

• All modules of “History and Politics” as well as “Culture, Media and Society” have a similar design: They consist of an advanced seminar (9 ECTS) which is combined with either of the following courses: a lecture course, a foundation course, or an independent study project (6 ECTS). More information on the exam and degree regulations can be found here (only available in German).

• A cover template for all essays is available for download here.

• The final semester is dedicated to writing the master’s thesis (a cover template is available here).


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